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Lounge Cleaning

Fabric Lounge Cleaning Services
Apex Carpet Cleaning offers a professional fabric lounge cleaning service. Whether you have a recliner, small sofa couch or large family lounge, we guarantee to give your home or business a great clean that will invigorate and freshen your furniture.

“Relax and unwind on
clean & fresh lounges”

Lounge suites that look and feel great
The image of your home will be lifted instantly. Professional lounge cleaning combined with the very best stain treatment solutions will target those difficult spots and stains. Apex Carpet Cleaning will improve the look and feel of your lounge by removing dirt, sand, dust, sweat and grime. With professional help your lounge suite will look, feel and smell great.

Improved health from clean lounges
Your living room is where the family gathers for quality time, it's also a place to relax and entertain friends. Allowing excess dirt and dust particles to accumulate on your lounges can affect your wellbeing and negatively impact the indoor air quality within your home. Mould, pollens and other allergens can also settle on your lounge chairs, further contributing to allergic reactions and respiratory difficulties for allergy and asthma sufferers. Our steam cleaning process removes dust mites, pollen, mould and the bacteria that cause odours. After professional lounge cleaning, you can relax and unwind in a healthier more hygienic living environment.

Protecting your lounge investment
Your lounge suite is one of the largest investments that you will make when furnishing your home. Daily use of your lounge can really take a toll on your investment. Sand and dirt act as an abrasive, breaking down the fibres in your upholstery fabric which leads to a worn look and shorter lifespan. Apex Carpet Cleaning provides professional regular lounge cleaning that will prevent deterioration and extend the life of your valuable furniture investment.

Professional lounge steam cleaning
At Apex Carpet Cleaning, we have the expertise to clean and restore an extensive range of lounge suites, from the finest natural fibres through to the hardiest of synthetic fabrics. Our technicians will professionally steam clean, deodorise and sanitise your sofa couch, lounge, chaise, footstools and cushions.

We use quality carpet cleaning products together with our hot water extraction process to eliminate and remove dirt, sand, dust mites, pollens, mould and bacteria as well as odours & stains. Apex Carpet Cleaning delivers a professional lounge clean that will be dry within hours.

Lounge Cleaning Price
At Apex Carpet Cleaning, we provide a no obligation free quote and give you a fixed price so you know exactly what the job will cost before confirming your booking. There are absolutely no hidden costs or extra charges for any of our services. Our professional stain removal service is included in your lounge cleaning quote. Your lounge cleaning quote is the total price you pay.

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